Experiential education, reimagined.

We partner with leading higher-ed institutions to offer innovative, for-credit learning experiences that enable undergraduate students to gain in-demand skills and work experience on their path to a degree.

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Empowering students with in-demand skills to create global impact.

We partner with leading higher-ed institutions to provide innovative, for-credit learning experiences focused on the development of tech skills and intercultural competency.
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Podium supercharges the undergraduate degree at 50+ partner universities.

Dr. Lauren Crider, Global Data
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The future of work has arrived.

Even the local job is now global. Industry is demanding that graduates have both the technical and intercultural skills needed to work in diverse teams and build products for global users. But, only 40% of students complete and internship in college and only 10% study abroad.

Podium's global learning experiences close this gap, increasing access to in-demand skills for all students. Offered as a track within standard university semesters, this virtual experience supplements existing courses with hands-on technical skill building and a unique focus on intercultural communication.

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Real world experiences

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Applied learning

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Intercultural reflection

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Students gain real-world experience while tackling projects from the world's most recognized brands.

Powerful hybrid programming that universities—and students—love.

Well-rounded students with applied skills are tomorrow’s future-proof leaders. Our programs are designed to equip students with both the technical and intercultural skills to successfully collaborate from San Francisco to Shanghai.
Partner Success
Any student, any level, any major can benefit from this experience. We’re giving [students] a way to get their hands on real work via an engaging, live learning experience.
Jennifer Malerich
Assistant Vice Provost of Academic and Global Engagement
Arizona State University
Student Success
We are thrilled to expand access and opportunity for our students. The  Global Tech Experience provides our students with a high-quality, online alternative to traditional mobility-based study abroad.
Adam Fein
Vice President for Digital Strategy and Innovation and CIO
The University of North Texas

Real world experiences

Will probably kill this
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Applied learning

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Intercultural reflection

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Our #1 goal is supercharging student outcomes.

Podium's educational experiences are designed to provide all students, regardless of background, with the skills they need to succeed in the modern workforce.
of students would enthusiastically recommend The Global Tech Experience to their friends and peers.
the average in additional earnings graduates with tech skills net over the course of their careers.
of program alumni agree that intercultural development is important, compared to 44% before the program.

Credits, credentials, and a career portfolio to enable post-graduation success.

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The Global Tech Experience

Three tracks. A world of opportunity.

Data & Analytics

Our world runs on data.

Students discover how to produce and synthesize data sets using industry standard platforms like Excel and Tableau.

Led by industry expert Robert Alvarez.
PhD, Applied Mathematics, Arizona State University
AI advisor to NASA, former Data Scientist at Intel
Dual citizen of Columbia and the United States
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The world needs developers.

Students learn to code by building websites and apps for users around the world using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Led by industry expert Matt Small.
PhD, Computer Science, Florida State University
Former Lead AR/VR Developer at Google
Led global programming teams across Russia and the US
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Global commerce is digital.

Students gain experience launching and marketing products across the globe using Shopify, Instagram, and Google Ads.

Led by industry expert Rita Cidre.
MBA, Darden School of Business, University of Virgnia
Former head of Global Marketing at Zillow
Dual citizen of Puerto Rico and the United States
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The Global Tech Experience
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Engaging students through world class video experiences, projects, and peer groups.
With their 'Powering Schools' initiative, Ochre Electric is dedicated to building a sustainable and secure future for children around the world.
About Our Company

instructor-led lectures

Optimized virtual learning anywhere, anytime under your institution's brand.

Weekly live sessions

Students build their network by meeting weekly with peers from 41 countries in The Global LiveLab.

24/7 student support

Students have access to extensive academic support throughout their experience.

UN intercultural training

Students participate in Story Circles, an intercultural training developed by Dr. Deardorff for UNESCO.

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Let's shape the future of global education, together.

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