Outcomes first.

At Podium, everything we do is centered around creating the very best outcomes for our students.
Still not convinced?

Students gain real world experience while tackling projects from the world's most recognized brands.

We don't sell at any cost

Amplify marginalized voices

We help boost voices that aren't always heard.

Share stories with a heart

Honestly, if it doesn't make us cry a little, we're doing it wrong.

Build communities

Relationships shouldn't be just transactional. We forge more meaningful connections.

Give Back To The World

The goal is always to work toward a world that's richer for our presence in it.

Team of talented folks

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Experts in experiential education.

Merisenda Alatorre
Learning Designer
Robert Alvarez Ph.D.
Head of Data Science and Curriculum Chair
Orly Bartour
VP of Learning Experience and Global Product
Nequa Beal
Associate Enrollment Advisor
Maggie Beaver
Enrollment PA
Chloe Bergsma-Safar
Data Engineer
Dan Blue
VP, Product
Bekah Bonilla
Associate Enrollment Advisor
Melissa Buerkett
Head of Partnerships - Northeast
Nate Buttars
Head of Enrollments
Will Chavez
Associate Enrollment Advisor
Rita Cidre
VP & Global Digital Marketing Professor
April Clydesdale
Partner Success Ops Manager
Landon Cotham
Program Advisor
Delaney Covelli
Senior Video Producer
Lauren Crider Ph.D.
Head of Live Experience, Data Science
Zoe Crowe-Barnes
Partnerships Manager
Christian D'Cruz
Associate Enrollment Advisor
Lyndon Dang
Accounting Manager
Briana Davenport
Associate Product Manager
Jack DeLine
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Nicole Donadio
Head of Implementation and Partner Operations
Nadine El Maalem
Associate Student Success Advisor
Aaron Esparza
Associate Enrollment Advisor
Scott Flancher
Lead Instructor
Isaac Gomez
VP, Technology
Danny Greer
Head of Marketing
Colin Harvey
Associate Enrollment Advisor
Nikki Hemingway
Program Advisor
Maddie Hume
Student Success Lead
Caroline Ickes
Head of Partnerships - South
Peter Inthirakoth
Director of Lifecycle Marketing
Kendyl Key
Software Engineer
Daniella Kisza
Senior Product Manager
Madeleine Lange
Program Advisor
Barent Langwell
Instructional Coordinator
Natalie Laurence
Lifecycle Marketing Specialist
Madelyn Lawrence
Executive Assistant
Madison Little
Director of People Operations
Cody Londenberg
Student Support PA
Eric Mackintosh Ph.D.
Head of Academic Operations
Brian Madigan
Jessica Miller
Program Advisor
Rupali Monga
Head of Live Experience; Digital Marketing
Alaina Montgomery
Business Analyst
Brooks Morgan
Co-Founder & CEO
John Mulhern
Senior Software Manager
Jenni Muskin
Implementation Manager
Morgan Nixon
Learning Experience Designer
Aled Owens
Head of Partnerships - South
Moyo Oyelola
Creative Director
Chris Parrish
President, University Partnerships
Miriam Perez
Program Advisor
Shaina Pollak
Head of Strategic Initiatives
Marshall Puls
Director of Enrollment & Advising
Omar Qureshi
Academic Support Lead
Jourdan Rahschulte
Graphic Designer
Becky Richey
Program Advisor
Alex Ricken
Co-Founder & CPO
Tyler Ritter
Enrollment Program Advisor
Brooke Roberts
Director of Partner Marketing
Jocelyn Rojeck
VP, Instruction and Product
Alyssa Segura
Program Advisor
Matt Small
VP of Web Development Track
Amy Sparent
Curriculum Support Coordinator
Katie Sylvia
Lead Instructor
Kimberlee Walters
Program Advisor
Steve Wennerholm
Head of Finance
Alissa Williams
Talent Marketing Manager
Mike Yi Ph.D.
Curriculum Developer
Dani Zaghian
Head of Live Experience; Web Development

We're always looking for the best of the best.

And we believe an agency is only as good as its team
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Product Designer
Web Developer
Program Advisor
Video Producer
Instructional Designer
Marketing Manager
401k, health, vision, and dental insurance packages
Unlimited paid time off
Excellent birthing and bonding leave policies
Monday team lunches
Extremely passionate and intelligent colleagues
Super cool offices, if you live in Austin or Phoenix
Monthly team events
Have a massive impact on the lives of others, every day


Business major
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Psychology major
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University of XXXX
"Donec nec justo eget felis facilisis fermentum. Aliquam porttitor mauris sit amet orci. Aenean dignissim pellentesque felis."

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